Tanfeeth Watheeq Gateway (TWG)

Tanfeeth Watheeq Gateway (TWG) is a modern AI powered B2b application which does the orchestration between SAMA Tanfeeth and any Core Banking Application end to end.

TWG is an end to end automation application which provides saving from your costs. It automates all legal SAMA instructions in your bank.

TWG supports Tanfeeth Phase I, Tanfeeth Phase II and Tanfeeth Phase III for all below given services.

A- Tanfeeth Phase I
  • Account Info
  • Balance Info
  • Deposit Info
  • Liability Info
  • SafeBox Info

B- Tanfeeth Phase II
  • Ban
  • Deny
  • Block Amount
  • Garnish Amount / Garnish Account
  • Lift Ban / Lift Deny / Lift Block / Lift Garnish

C- Tanfeeth Phase III
  • Account Validation
  • Death Notification
  • Account Statement
  • Fund Transfer

TWG provides various role and and group privileges by using advanced built-in workflow mechanism. Bank can create custom workflows based on its department structure and approval flows.

TWG provides built-in advanced reporting module. Users can generate any report through the application realtime including blacklist, whitelist etc.

TWG sends notification to the related users by E-Mail or SMS on specific situations to inform or let them do required actions manually.

Notification Cases
  • In case SAMA is not active for TWG
  • In case Core Banking are not active for TWG
  • In case a manual human intervention is required for a specific case
  • In case an error is is happened in the application

TWG uses SSL and Digital Certificates to communicate with SAMA as well as Banks. It can be hosted in only Bank premises. It is scanned by ONFTECH internal security teams and 3rd party software security providers periodicly.

TWG does not expose any bank data to 3rd parties under any circumstances.

TWG is compliant with ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001). It also complies with SAMA regulations and circulars.

Screenshots from TWG
TWG Dashboard

TWG Dashboard

Slider Image 02

TWG Pending Requests on the bank

Slider Image 03

Account Statement Request Details

Slider Image 03

Daily Report

Please feel free to contact if you want further information or DEMO about TWG