Tanfeeth Watheeq Gateway

Tanfeeth was launched by SAMA in 2019, links government entities and banks in Saudi Arabia for streamlined operations. Watheeq platform underpins Tanfeeth, boosting electronic service delivery.

TWG is an end-to-end solution that responds to SAMA Tanfeeth requirements which is a mandatory service to all banks operating in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia be it local Banks, foreign, or digital banks.

Core Features

Tanfeeth integrates SAMA and government systems, promoting data exchange and cooperation. TWG by ONFTECH acts as a vital link, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and high performance between banks and Saudi Central Bank.

Key TWG Features

Effortlessly manages high transaction volumes with seamless efficiency, strictly adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to minimize downtime risks. Ensures a secure and resilient connection while optimizing data transmission and processing speeds for maximum performance.

TWG Actions

TWG performs diverse actions on banks’ systems as directed by the Central Bank. These include but are not limited to customer information collection, fund transfers, and account blocking.

Technology Stack

The system features advanced workflows and robust reporting capabilities. It complies with the Tanfeeth System, ensuring adherence to industry standards. The inclusion of TWG Web Portal, Responder, and APIs enhances its functionality and accessibility. Its scalable 3-tier architecture guarantees reliability, and it can be customized to meet the unique needs of each bank. Additionally, it offers support for both online and offline modes, providing flexibility in various operational scenarios.


Multiple Language Support, Full Compliance with Saudi Central Bank, Android and IOS Applications

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