OBridge - Open Banking Solution

ONFTECH has established a dynamic partnership with the SAMA Open Banking team to create a state-of-the-art Open Banking solution. Our primary objective is to empower clients, whether they are banks, TPPs (Third-Party Providers), or both, to seamlessly integrate into the Open Banking landscape.

Through this collaboration with the SAMA Open Banking team, we have merged our collective expertise and resources to craft an innovative solution that aligns with the highest industry standards. Our solution empowers both banks and TPPs to fully harness the potential of Open Banking, facilitating secure and efficient data sharing while driving innovation within the financial sector.

By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and extensive industry knowledge, we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering a comprehensive Open Banking solution that equips our clients to fully embrace this transformative ecosystem. 

Key Modules

Obridge Bank Module serves as the cornerstone for banks seeking to participate in the Open Banking ecosystem. It is a mandatory component according to SAMA regulations, unless the bank operates exclusively through non-digital channels.

Obridge TPP Module is designed to enable banks to securely access data from other banks within the ecosystem. 

Inaugural TSP

At ONFTECH, we take immense pride in being the inaugural TSP (Third-Party Service Provider) to receive certification within the KSA ecosystem. With meticulously designed APIs and rigorous testing and certification processes, all powered by cutting-edge technologies, our dedicated ONFTECH team ensures an unparalleled experience for our clients within the ecosystem.

In addition to our technological solutions, our company also offers consultancy and steadfast support to guide you every step of the way. 


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