Letter of Guarantee Gateway

The Letter of Guarantee Gateway (LGG) is a cutting-edge AI-powered B2B solution that seamlessly orchestrates interactions between Tabadul’s Wthaq, and a bank's core solutions. This end-to-end solution establishes a sales channel for banks to onboard new commercial customers and maintain their Letter of Guarantees (LGs) through the Tabadul system.

Automated Efficiency

LGG is a comprehensive automation application that not only streamlines processes but also drives cost savings. It intelligently automates all Letter of Guarantee instructions within your bank, enhancing operational efficiency. Support for All e-LG Phases: LGG provides robust support for both Phase I and Phase II of e-LG services, encompassing a range of crucial operations. 

Phase I

Bulk LG Upload / Single LG Upload / Single LG Update.

Phase II

Customer Onboarding / LG Issuance / LG Amendment / LG Confiscation / LG Cancellation.

Empowering Workflows

LGG empowers banks with a versatile authorization and workflow system. Its advanced mechanisms enable role and group privileges, allowing customization of workflows to align with department structures and approval processes.

Comprehensive Reporting

With an embedded advanced reporting module, LGG offers real-time report generation capabilities, enabling users to obtain insights effortlessly. Timely Notifications: LGG ensures timely communication through email or SMS notifications. It informs relevant users about specific situations or required manual actions.

Notification Cases:

LGG covers a range of scenarios:

- Inactive Tabadul for LGG
- Inactive Core Banking for LGG
- Need for manual human intervention.
- Application errors

Stringent Security

LGG employs 2-Way SSL and Digital Certificates for secure communication with both Tabadul and Banks. Its deployment is limited to the bank's premises, and it undergoes regular security evaluations by ONFTECH's internal teams and third-party security providers.

Data Privacy Assurance

LGG maintains the confidentiality of bank data and does not share it with any third parties.


Regulatory Compliance

LGG adheres to ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001) and aligns with SAMA and Tabadul regulations and circulars.


Including iOS and Android Apps.

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