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In the rapidly evolving landscape of banking, digital banks have emerged as key

players, leveraging technology to provide innovative financial services. With their

high availability requirements and the need to comply with stringent governing

compliances and regulations, digital banks must rely on cutting-edge tools to

monitor all aspects of their operations and business activities. This brief outline the

features and benefits of a real-time prudential reporting tool designed specifically to

cater to the unique needs of digital banks.


iAnalytics is an advanced software solution that empowers digital banks to monitor

their operations, transactions, and financial activities in real-time. This tool combines

comprehensive data analytics, automated reporting, and regulatory compliance

modules to ensure accurate and up-to-date insights.

Key Features:

Real-Time Monitoring: The tool offers live dashboards and analytics, enabling digital

banks to track critical performance metrics, customer activities, and financial

transactions as they happen. As per client design. This real-time monitoring

ensures immediate detection of any anomalies or potential issues.


Comprehensive Reporting: The tool generates detailed and customizable reports on

a wide range of parameters, such as liquidity, capital adequacy, risk exposure,

and asset quality. Banks can create tailored reports to meet specific compliance

requirements and internal analysis needs.


Automated Compliance Checks: The tool incorporates automated compliance

modules that constantly evaluate transactions and operations against the

prevailing regulatory frameworks. It alerts the bank’s compliance team of any

potential breaches, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.


Scalability and High Availability: As digital banks operate 24/7, the tool is designed for

high availability and scalability, ensuring uninterrupted reporting and monitoring

even during peak transaction volumes or system downtimes.


Customizable Alerts:

The reporting tool enables banks to set up automated alerts

for specific events, such as suspicious transactions, risk exposures surpassing

predetermined thresholds, or regulatory deadlines. This ensures prompt action in

response to critical incidents.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting lead to improved operational

efficiency, as potential bottlenecks and issues can be identified and addressed



Improved Risk Management:

The tool aids in effective risk management by providing timely insights into risk

exposures, allowing the bank to take proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.


Regulatory Compliance:

By automating compliance checks and generating accurate reports, the tool

facilitates adherence to governing compliances and requirements, minimizing the risk

of penalties and reputational damage.


iAnalytics Real-Time and Prudential Reporting Solution plays a crucial role in the

success of digital banks by providing them with a comprehensive, real-time view of

their operations and financial activities. With its focus on high availability, scalability,

and compliance, this tool serves as a vital asset for digital banks in maintaining their

competitive edge while meeting regulatory obligations in the dynamic and fastpaced financial landscape.


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