GSAD - Gateway of SADAD

ONFTECH presents a cutting-edge SADAD B2B application that redefines invoice and bill payment solutions. Leveraging modern technology, GSAD seamlessly integrates with the SADAD Payment System (SADAD), established by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) as the National Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Our comprehensive GSAD solution empowers our clients/partners with a complete SADAD experience.

Key Features of GSAD

Dashboard Excellence: GSAD's intuitive dashboard offers a modern user interface that provides a comprehensive view of the entire system. Users, including Tellers, IT personnel, and management staff, can easily monitor payments, refunds, and system activities. The dashboard also includes auto-login capabilities, seamlessly integrating with the bank's active directory system.

Efficient User Management: Simplify user management with GSAD. Administer and organize all users authorized to utilize the GSAD platform, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

Customer and Bill Management: GSAD facilitates the management, definition, and modification of customers intending to use the SADAD system. Additionally, it offers tools to manage bills associated with these customers, enhancing control and customization.

Flexible System Parameters: Empower the bank's IT department with the ability to manage various aspects within GSAD. This ensures adaptability to evolving requirements and aligns the system with the bank's operational preferences.

Comprehensive Reports: GSAD is equipped with an array of reports to facilitate comprehensive financial oversight. From reconciliation and daily reports to weekly and monthly statistics, GSAD offers a range of insights into payment activities. Additionally, the platform supports the development of custom reports tailored to specific client needs. 

Key Benefits

GSAD, the payment solution powered by SADAD expertise, brings forth a range of key benefits tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). With a deep understanding of the SADAD Payment System, GSAD ensures a comprehensive and expertly crafted payment solution. One of its standout features is a user-centric interface designed to cater to users at every level, facilitating seamless navigation and access to critical payment data for both Tellers and management personnel.

The integration capabilities of GSAD contribute to operational efficiency by providing seamless connectivity with the bank's active directory system, streamlining user authentication and login procedures. Moreover, GSAD offers enhanced customer management capabilities, allowing for precise handling of customer data and bills, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and payment accuracy. The system's customization and flexibility shine through in its adaptable parameters and customizable reporting features, ensuring that GSAD evolves in harmony with the bank's dynamic requirements.


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