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EGG is an innovative e-service designed to facilitate data verification, notifications, credit scoring etcetera for organizations. Primarily operating as a government gateway and B2B application integrated with ELM, Thiqah, SIMAH, Bayan, SPL. EGG seamlessly integrates bank systems with any government services and provides a single point of contact for all. It offers the flexibility to function as a standalone system or as a part of the broader bank system integration.

EGG offers a comprehensive suite of government services that empower organizations to verify individual or corporate data, notifications, and even credit scoring efficiently. Its key components include:


This feature-rich service provides a range of notifications including:

- Notifications in case of client death.
- Notifications regarding the issuance of a resident's final exit (before and after border crossing).
- Notifications if a final exit visa is canceled after issuance.
- Notifications related to issuing an exit and re-entry visa when the resident fails to re-enter. 


YAKEEN equips organizations with enhanced data verification capabilities, ensuring accuracy and reliability.


Streamlining residency and ID verification processes, MUQEEM optimizes workflows for smoother operations.


Validates mobile phone numbers with nationals or residence information.


These components provide a holistic array of services ranging from issue resolution to enhanced security and data exchange.

EGG Notifications Management

Experience effective notifications management with EGG. It enables organizations to promptly send emergency updates to customers, ensuring swift communication during crucial events.

EGG Natheer Service

NATHEER, a standout feature of EGG, ensures organizations are promptly informed about critical events. This includes notifications related to client death, resident exit issuance, visa cancellations, and re-entry issues.

Key Features and Benefits of EGG

Efficient Data Verification: EGG streamlines the process of verifying individual data, reducing errors, and enhancing accuracy.

Incident Reporting: EGG empowers organizations to report incidents promptly, contributing to transparency and accountability.

Integrated Government Gateway: Seamlessly integrate government services with bank systems, optimizing data exchange and workflows.

Wide Product Suite: Benefit from a diverse range of government products tailored to meet various verification and reporting needs.

Enhanced Customer Communication: EGG's notifications management ensures timely and effective communication during emergencies.

Operational Streamlining: Automate data verification and incident reporting processes, boosting operational efficiency.

Compliance and Security: EGG aligns with regulatory standards and offers robust security mechanisms to protect sensitive data. 


Including iOS and Android Apps.

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